One of our most popular cooking classes in Tuscany is our class that teaches you how to make pasta fresh from scratch.   And I think our pasta making cooking class is also the most rewarding…because you get to enjoy your creation for lunch with a nice bottle of wine from a Tuscan winery!!

Too many people think that making pasta is a time consuming and difficult process with various specialty ingredients  But, let me tell you it is not.  Instead, making pasta is easy and all you need is semolina flour and eggs.  Yep.  That simple.  And because of making pasta from scratch is so easy, I rarely ever buy or use dehydrated pasta anymore.  Instead, I spend a few extra minutes and make my own pasta fresh from scratch every time!

If you are planning a Italy Tour in 2015 make sure a cooking class in Tuscany is included in this adventure, and make this this cooking class includes how to make pasta.  If you are not lucky enough to be joining us in Italy in 2015, it is ok, I will teach you how to make pasta fresh from scratch.  Just follow the simple steps below!

Step One in the Pasta making process: Ingredients

You have to use the correct ingredients, and this starts with buying organic semolina flour.  I recommend using Bob’s Red Mill Semolina Flour.  No, you cannot use just regular flour, the pasta will turn out dry and flavorless.

Besides semolina flour all you need is eggs and water.  Yes, that is it.  I promise.

Step Two in the Pasta making process: Measure Out the Ingredients

We need equal parts semolina flour (in cups) and eggs.  So, for every cup of semolina flour we need one (1) egg.  I usually like to make 4 cups of semolina flour with 4 eggs.

Step Three in the Pasta making process: Mixing

Once the semolina flour is measured, mound the flour onto the counter top.  Spread the semolina flour out in the form of a donut, with a hole in the middle.  Such as this:


To start, add the 3 eggs to the center “hole” of the semolina flour donut.   Now the messy part.  Start mixing the semolina flour together with the eggs by hand!  As the mixture comes together add the other egg and mix again by hand.  The mixture should be fairly dry but if you need more liquid feel free to use water.  But be careful and only add a little at a time.

In the end, you should have a big ball of pasta dough.  Such as this:


Step Four in the Pasta making process: Rolling Out The Dough

Now that we have this big ball of pasta dough we need to flatten it into several sheets.  I divide the pasta dough into 4 quarters and begin kneading the dough and flattening it with a roller.  This takes some time and elbow grease.  Or, you could cheat and use a pasta rolling machine.

In the end, the pasta should be rolled to about 1/8 of an inch thick.

Step Five in the Pasta making process: Cutting Into Pasta

Once you have mixed the semolina flour with eggs, formed, kneaded and flattened the pasta dough, it is now time to cut the dough into form.  Depending on the type of pasta you are making, you can cut the pasta into very small strips, such as spaghetti, or thicker strips such as alfredo.  It is up to you!

Step Six in the Pasta making process: Cooking the Pasta

Cooking fresh handmade pasta takes a lot LESS time than dehydrated pasta.  Depending on the size of the noodle it make take anywhere from 2-5 minutes in boiling water.  And remember, pasta is best serve al dente, or a little firm!

Step Seven in the Pasta making process: Enjoy!!

The best part, enjoy your pasta!!

Making pasta fresh from scratch is a simple and rewarding experience.   While your time is limited at your tour Italy, and even more so in Tuscany as many people decide only to spend a few days in this region, I would still make it a point to schedule a cooking class in Tuscany; what better way to learn and experience the culture than to learn how to make the one single dish that Italians for generations have made?

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