All you have is a single day in Florence, so what are you going to do?  What museums should you see, what historical monuments should you visit and where should you eat?  All great questions that this blog article will help you answer.  But in the end, the best way to experience Florence in a day is simply exploring the great wonders this beautiful place has to offer.  Take your time and go explore the local market, see the famous Statute of David, wonder across the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge and enjoy a cup of Italian espresso at a neighborhood cafe.  Below are a couple of suggestions of places and things to do in Florence in a day:

Visit the Florence Duomo:

The Florence Duomo is one of the most beautiful and massive duomo’s in all of Italy.  This ancient structure dates back to early 5th century, with the current version of the Duomo being designed in 1294 and construction started shortly thereafter.  The famous dome of the Florence Duomo was not completed until 1436.

Vast in size and beauty, the Florence Duomo is the most visited duomo in all of Italy.  The Florence Duomo is famed for its gothic nature, vast interior space, as well as its spectacular dome. Lines for entrance to the Florene Duomo can be long and there are no line pass tickets, so, we encourage an early morning visit to the Florence Duomo.

The Florence Duomo attracts throngs of visitors every single year.  One of the Florence Duomo’s biggest attractions is the views of Florence and surrounding Tuscany, Italy it offers at its bell tower.  Open to the public, climbing the bell tower will offer expansive views of Florence and Tuscany that are simply unforgettable.


Visit the Accademia Gallery (and get a line pass):

Florence is renowned as the art capital of Italy (if not Europe).  Florence is home to many of the world’s greatest collection of art pieces, and as such thousands of visitors flock to the likes of the Uffizi Gallery, the Bargello Museum, the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, and of course the Accademia Gallery.  Out of all of this magnififcanet museums, I recommend visiting the Accademia Gallery.  When all you have is a day in Florence you want to make the best of it, you do not have time to spend hours upon hours at the Uffizi Gallery.  The Accademia Gallery is home to the world’s greates sculptures, including the famous Statute of David.  The awe inspiring sculpture is simply a must see when in Florence.  However, given its massive popularity, lines can be quite long.  As such, make sure to be a Florence Day Tour that includes a line pass at the Accademia Gallery.

Walk The Ponte Vecchi Bridge:

The Ponte Vecchi Bridge is the most photographed bridge in all of Italy! And for many great reasons too!  The Ponte Vecchi was believed to be originally built by the Romans during the Roman Times.  However, Ponte Vecchi bridge first appears in written documents in 996 B.C.  After several floods, the current Ponte Vecchi bridge was rebuilt in 1345.

The Ponte Vecchi bridge spans the famous Arno river.  A little known fact is that the Ponte Vecchi bridge spans the Arno river at its narrowest point.  During its early years the Ponte Vecchi bridge was occupied by butchers and other foods vendors.  In modern Florence, today, the Ponte Vecchi bridge is occupied by art dealers, souvenir stands and many, many jewelers.

In all, the Ponte Vecchi bridge is a gorgous and memorable sight that you must take your time and enjoy.  Just don’t walk the bridge, travel downstream and take in the awe and beauty of the Ponte Vecchi bridge from a far.  And don’t forget to take the unforgettable picture with the Ponte Vecchi in the background!


Eat at Yellow Pizza Bar, Best Pizza In Florence:

When In [Florence], Eat as the [Florentine’s] do?  Or something like that.  My all-time favorite pizza in this entire world can be found in Florence, Italy.  Put it simply, it serves the best pizza in Florence, hell, it serves the best pizza in Italy!  Where is this place you might ask, it is the Yellow Pizza Bar in Florence, Italy.  Now from the outside it might not look like your traditional, old-school Italian restaurant.  And let’s be honest, the name itself leads to no evidence that it would serve such amazing pizza.  But do not let the decor or the name fool you, the Yellow Pizza Bar serves the BEST pizza in Florence/Italy/World.  Any pizza is recommended here.

Eat Fresh Prosciutto with Melon:

A true Italian snack is not a bag of Doritos (even though you can find a bag of chips just about anywhere in Florence) but instead a slice of fresh prosciutto paired with mouth watering melon.  I am salivating just thinking of this wonderful true Italian snack.  Now be prepared to pay a price for this amazing snack, probably around 10 euros, but trust me it is worth it.  There are too many places to recommend for this delicious Italian snack, so, just pop in to a trattoria and try it out!

Enjoy Gelato At Vivoli, Best Gelato In Florence:

As you can tell by this list of things to do in Florence in a day, I am a foodie (check out my other foodie posts, ).  I can truly say I love the Italian culture, everything about it, especially its FOOD.  So, what better way to end a day in Florence, Italy than with the best gelato in Florence.  The best gelato in Florence can be found at Vivoli, located just off the main corridor.  If you are looking for a fancy decor, this place is not your spot.  But if you are looking for downright amazing gelato, that is made fresh nearly every single day, Vivoli gelato is your place.  I have sampled literally every single gelato place in Florence (it’s research :) ), and while others compare, nothing beats Vivoli.  I am a simplist, so, my favorite is the chocolate chip or chocolate.  The chocolate chip is based with a pure vanilla bean flavored ice cream, and then accompanied with huge chunks of delicious milk chocolate.

Another huge hit with the family is their incredible fruit variety gelato.  Does not matter which fruit based gelato Vivoli is serving, try it.



Buy A Tie At The San Lorenzo Market:

Italians are world renowned for their fashion sense, so, what better place to pick up a few things for your wardrobe than Florence, Italy!  The San Lorenzo market is home to many different purveyors selling anything from leather goods, many different varieties of clothing, hats and cheap souvenirs.  Also, quite prevalent throughout Italy, including Florence, some vendors will be selling cheap counterfeit goods.  And this includes ties.  I would highly recommend buying several true authentic ties at the Florence Market but be prepared to pay at least $30-50; if the tie is under $10 it is not a true authentic Italian tie but instead a cheap import.


If all you have is a day in Florence, my best suggestion is to throw away the map and simply get lost; walk the main corridor where you will experience the throngs of people visiting Florence, but then take a walk down the back streets and enjoy Florence for everything that it has to offer, from its amazing food, sights and beauty!  In the end, enjoy your day in Florence.