One-N-Only Tours

VIVA Tuscany Tours’ innovative approach to carefully crafting uniquely designed tours that we offer only once (our signature One-N-Only tours) give you an authentic and unique  tour of Italy, allowing you to walk through Italy as no other traveler has.

We also focus all of our tours on immersive experiences, and not just “sightseeing”.  What does this mean?  It means you participate in your adventure through Italy, you get your hands dirty and pick olives from trees, or grapes from the vine, you learn to become a chocolateur at the world famous Perugina Chocolate Factory, or you off road 4×4 through the Tuscan hillsides.

We work with the best and local tour guides, villa owners, tour operators, restaurants and hotel owners to craft each of our unique One-N-Only tour itineraries.

One-N-Only Tours

All of our One-N-Only Italy tours are specifically designed and never re-used; no two One-N-Only tours are the same.  We work with the best and local tour guides, villa owners, restaurants and hotel owners to craft a custom itinerary built for your specific requests and interests.  You will experience Italy, its places and people that you simply cannot find online, anywhere.  What you will experience on your Italy tour will be personal, enriching and inspiring.

Only Italy

VIVA Tuscany Tours focuses exclusive on tours of Italy, hence how we are able to offers activities that you cannot find anywhere online.   We are able to offer the most unique tours of Italy truly immerse you in the Italian culture, experience the authentic Italy that you would miss if you book a packaged cookie cutter tour.

Custom One-N-Only Tours

Have a large group and want a custom One-N-Only tour?  VIVA Tuscany Tours will create your very own unique and custom One-N-Only tour for your group.  The minimum number of persons in a One-N-Only custom tour is 6 persons, and cost will depend on the experiences and accommodations…but the price range begins at $400 per person per day.

Find out how much better your travel can be.

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